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JOin Our Ministries

Hospitality Team

We want everyone to feel at home.  Our church is a place of belonging, a family where there's always room for more.  That's God's heart for every person and our hospitality team has the deep privilege of extending this kind of Christ-like welcome to all who join us.  It's greeting visitors with a smile, but it's much more too. Join us and help grow our family, and it starts when folks first walk through our doors.  


A picture is worth a thousand words-- but words, sounds and the beauty of all manner of media are gifts from God that can bring him glory and share his story.  Are you creative-- good with communications, design, media, publishing?  Let's talk about putting your passions and talents to work!

Production Team

The Production Team is vital for making our Sunday worship service a great experience for everyone. We need and highly value those that serve behind the scenes such as set up and take down crews, sound engineers, visual projection managers and production coordinators.

Kids Ministry

Jesus said, "Bring the little children unto me, and do not hinder them."  God loves kids, and so do we! Come be a part of this essential part of our church family, the caring for and instructing our children in the love and truth of Jesus. 

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